The Pavlov Defect (with Jaap Mutter & Jelle de Graaf) (2012-2013)

  • Installations, Interactive Installations

The Pavlov Defect is an interactive media installation by Jaap Mutter, Jelle de Graaf and Daniel Maalman.  It is a playful experiment in which the audience can participate and experience the workings of motivational rewards.

This installation allows the participant to be motivated with rewards that are designed to keep the participant going. The participant enters the cage and sits on the bike that is mounted to the floor. When the participant starts biking the ring of lights on top of the cage starts running, and the biking speed of the participant controls the amount of game sounds: power ups, compliments, sounds of points being earned, but also: cheering, like a large audience is following the participants’ actions. When the participant stops biking, a game over sound can be heard, followed by a laughing game voice.