Drankorgels (sound objects belonging to Lost & Found Orchestra Project) (2017)

  • Sound Installations, Sound Objects
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Besides the big installations within Lost & Found Orchestra I made a few sound objects that are also part of this project, by turning empty glass bottles into instruments. Those objects were tapped and ticked with actuators, small DC motors and air fans to give their own individual characteristic sounds.

Drankorgels (literally Drinking Organs, but in Dutch a word for an alcoholic) are sound objects based on the Lost & Found Orchestra project, in which I write temporary site-specific compositions for places and objects.

I participated in some of the meetings of the Bcademie, organised by Alex Jacobs and Daan den Houter, and was invited to make some small works that were exhibited in the end exhibition in TENT Rotterdam alongside the works of the other participants. I chose the glass bottles, because they were found objects, all with different characteristics and unique properties, while having a unified look as objects.

I designed four different versions, one with bottomless wine bottles, one with whole bottles, one with hanging bottles with a double-center actuator, and one with bottomless vodka bottles with air vans.