Lost & Found Orchestra IV (2017)

  • Foundscape, Installations, Sound Installations
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During the spring of 2017 I was invited to develop a new Lost & Found Orchestra sound installation for the opening event of an initiative called ‘Buitenland’ in Nieuw-Amsterdam in the province of Drenthe in The Netherlands. This initiative is a green-minded camping, where DIY-minded people can build their own original tiny houses, and afterwards come back there for their holidays, while in the meantime, when they are not there, the initiative can rent it out to other guests of the camping, sharing the profit with the owners. This camping is the initiative of Floortje Dessing and friends.

Camping Buitenland was opening officially for the public with a small festival, where musical acts, art projects, foodtrucks, family- and child friendly activities could be enjoyed for three days, starting at 2nd of june and running through the weekend ending on the evening of the 4th.

The organisation of Buitenland gave me the green light to come over a few days before the event and think of a location and basis for my new installation on the spot. They gave me several optional locations on the premises, but these all turned out to be unfit for the project.

When I arrived there, I quickly discovered an old Ford tractor, that was still in use on the premises, but for the festival it was parked in the shed. I could see right away that this was the perfect object to build a composition for.