Polymer Music (2013-now)

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Polymer is the alias that I use for my electronic music project. Since I do a wide variety of projects as a musician, electronic music producer, media artist and sound artist, I decided it would be easier to write electronic music under an alias. Under the Polymer alias I produce and perform electronic music in a variety of flavours, covering a wide range of styles.

This wide range of styles all have a common denominator: they all more or less belong within the spectrum of psychedelic music. Atmospheric and dreamy ambient, psychedelic dub,  funky dub-techno, groovy electronica, but also melodic and hypnotic progressive psychedelic techno.

Besides the musical project, together with my Catalan friends from Barcelona, Jan Barceló and Marta Lofi, we designed a special audiovisual show that caters to more than just the auditive sense. We call this show ‘The Polymer Experience’, and on this page there are several videos that give a taste of what our show is like. Enjoy the viewing and listening! When you want to know more about The Polymer Experience, check this separate page on my website.

For bookings for a Polymer liveset or the audiovisual show The Polymer Experience, or more information you can contact me (or us) through the ‘contact‘ page in the left column, or by sending an email to danielpolymer@gmail.com or contact@danielmaalman.com

Downtempo Liveset (psychedelic dub, downtempo/midtempo, electronica)

All music written & performed by Polymer / Daniel Maalman


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Live visuals for The Polymer Experience are designed and performed by

Jan Barcelo (janbarcelo.com)
Marta Lofi (martalofi.blogspot.com)