The Polymer Experience (audiovisual show) (with Jan Barceló & Marta Lofi) (2016-now)

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The Polymer Experience is an audiovisual performance project by Daniel Maalman, Jan Barceló and Marta Lofi, which combines a musical live performance which spans a variety of electronic psychedelic music styles with one of a kind, high definition, improvised 1970’s style old-school handmade visuals.

The visuals are made by hand in real-time by Jan and Marta, completely from scratch, with a myriad of different ingredients, while being on the spot during a performance. The visuals are prepared in some sort of field laboratory setting, and at the same time performed using improvisation, in synchronization with Polymers’ music.

The music is performed by Daniel, who also uses improvisation to a certain extent, with the aid of synthesizers and a liveset system that allows for playing the musical material in many different ways, tones, speeds and styles and even to change the genre in some cases.

All visuals are created the old fashioned way, like in the 1970’s, with a lot of messy fluidic materials and kaleidoscopic effects, but in combination with modern technology, in full HD. With the use of high density cameras, kaleidoscopic lenses, a digital microscope with high magnification, several creatively designed techniques and processes and a variety of materials, fluids and objects, every performance is unique and can never be repeated in the same way.

For more information about the music or to book Polymer for a liveset without the audiovisual show, you can visit, and for bookings you can get in touch via or or through the form on the contact page of this website.

Downtempo Liveset (psychedelic dub, downtempo/midtempo, electronica)

All music written & performed by Polymer / Daniel Maalman

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Live visuals for The Polymer Experience are designed and performed by

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