Moving Stained Glass (with Wouter Kops & Bram de Weert) (2006)

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Dimensions: 2.7 m (H) x 3 m (W)

Technique: media installation consisting of wood, stained glass, paper and digital media

Moving Stained Glass is an installation project started in 2007, when the makers (Daniel Maalman, Wouter Kops and Bram de Weert) built the first version in three days time.

The installation consists of a wooden frame of 2 x 3 meters, in which stained glass windows are situated.In the first version three stained glass windows of 2 x 1 meters were used, which were lined up next to eachother in the wooden frame. In the second version of the window, the frame was re-used, but six new stained glass windows where fabricated, this time measuring 1 x 1 meter.

In this last version, the video that is projected on the back of the window, shows a tableau of people who seem to stand still, but turn out to move once in a while.

Also the projection on the back was changed in this version. This time two men can be seen walking towards the horizon.