Lost & Found Orchestra I (2016)

  • Foundscape, Installations, Sound Installations
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Lost & Found Orchestra is an ongoing sound art project. This first editio¬≠n of the project was situated in a historic location in The Netherlands: the ‘Cathedral’ building in Radio Kootwijk.

This small village and its’ community in the middle of the country had a single function in the last century: keep the radiographic broadcasting installation in a good working condition to make it possible to communicate with the previous colonies of The Netherlands: Indonesia.

This building and its’ sending towers were once especially constructed to have a direct link between the two countries, and since its’ function had stopped, the place became obsolete, and the location was kept in its’ original state as a monument.

The room in this historic building where all the waterpumps used to run to cool the broadcasting installation continuously was the backdrop to my first Lost & Found Orchestra installation.

The pumps themselves, and its’ many different surfaces of solid steel, the pipes, and the valves all became resonant surfaces for my composition.

When Grasnapolsky Festival started, the audience was allowed to walk around the space and experience the different sounds that together sang the song of this room, with the help of digital effects and amplified through four speakers in the corners of the room.