Lost & Found Orchestra: Foundscape

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Musical compositions with buildings and objects


Lost & Found Orchestra
With my Lost & Found Orchestra installations I turn locations, buildings and objects into musical compositions. Every edition is a new location. I start by finding sounds that are hidden under the surface of materials by tapping on the objects, while amplifying them with microphones. The tapping is done by little machines (like electro-magnetic solenoids or small motors) that I control from my computer, which functions as the conductor. So the composition is being generated ‘live’, in real-time, like with an actual orchestra.



Temporary sound experiences to walk around in
These sound experiences only exist temporarily and sound different every edition. For a certain period of time, the audience can experience the composition, walking around in it, while the room around them is being played. Because the little machines all have a small light, the audience can find easily where which sound is generated. The sound and lights together create an audiovisual experience.

Research for the next stage: Foundscape
Foundscape is the next stage of my project. For three months I will be doing material research at Sundaymorning@EKWC, the European Ceramic Centre in The Netherlands, from November to February. I will experiment with the sound properties of ceramics in different shapes and types. The result will be a series of ceramic sound objects and instruments.
In March and April 2019 I will continue my research at sound-art institute STEIM in Amsterdam. Here I will experiment with techniques to play the ceramics with electronics and develop different ways to turn information into sound.


Swiss Army knife for sound-art projects
An important goal of my research is to invent new tools and learn new ways to create sound on location and to perform live with different materials. One of the end goals of my research is to develop my own multifunctional custom-made electronics, like a Swiss Army knife for my sound-art projects. Exhibiting and playing with these experimental setups tools and materials will be the next stage of my research.



Under here: an example of a site-specific sound-art installation in the last phase.



All illustrations by Miguel Dominguez, except the Foundscape ‘logo’