Foundscape @ Into The Great Wide Open 2019

  • Foundscape, Installations, Interactive Installations, Music, Sound Installations
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Into the Great Wide Open is a three day annual music & culture festival on Vlieland, one of the Dutch islands. Besides an interesting music program, every year a selection of artists send in their ideas for new works to be developed on the island during the festival.

In 2019 I was allowed to turn the classic lighthouse on Vlieland into a musical composition with my Foundscape Orchestra project. This edition I went to Vlieland with a small army of solenoids, loads and loads of cables, a few speakers and a field recorder. I recorded sounds in and around the ighthouse, such as the shiphorn of the ferry arriving at the island, the water reaching the shore and softly touching the edge of the island, but also the sound of the motor turning the huge lamp in the top of the lighthouse. Surfaces and materials in the lighthouse were tapped with solenoids and amplified live with speakers, merging in the system with the recorded sounds from the island. The visitors of the festival could walk around in the lighthouse, climb the spiral staircase and be immersed by the building and its amplified sonic layers. In the evenings I performed two live concerts in the dark, while the light of the lighthouse shone its’ light on the surroundings of the lighthouse. The soothing drone which formed the basic tone of the composition was the amplified sound of the motor revolving the light, which made a great impression in sync with the light itself revolving in the same speed as the sound.