Brainforest (2015)

  • Installations, Sound Installations
  • 04 Sep 2015
  • Into the Great Wide Open Festival 2015
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In our daily lives we are confronted with sounds that define our surroundings, like a subconscious soundtrack. In nature, these sounds, like those of birds and other living beings, give a relaxing effect and make us part of the landscape. But in cities, our surroundings are dominated by an artificial soundtrack that asks for our attention and steers our behaviour. Nowadays, mobile phones and especially smartphones are the source of most of these sounds. Not only phonecalls, but all kinds of notification sounds ask for our attention, no matter what we are doing.

Brainforest is a sound art installation consisting of a multitude of small speakers that are used to subtly integrate artificially created sounds with the natural environment. By altering the sounds of birdsong and mixing them with the characteristics of smartphone notification sounds, a confusing mix between relaxation and stress emerges.

Brainforest was exhibited on Into The Great Wide Open Festival 2015 on Vlieland in The Netherlands.