32 Soundshapes @ EKWC

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In February 2019 I finished my residency at Sundaymorning@EKWC in Oisterwijk in The Netherlands. The EKWC, or European Ceramic Workcentre, is an institute where artists can immerse themselves in the world of ceramics for a period of three months. During my residency I developed quite a collection of different ceramic sound objects, large and small, in a variety of colours. My research revolved around finding the various sounds that could be made with the material. I mainly focused on porcelain, because of its’ glasslike high pitched clear vibrations when the material is struck.

In the last week before my residency ended, I was asked by EKWC to design a sound object which was based on my research, where ceramics and sound could be unified into a single object. The occasion: the anniversary of EKWC as well as STEIM. Both institutes celebrated their 50th birthday, and wanted to commemorate this together in the overlap between sound and ceramics, and since I was doing a residency at both institutes, researching exactly this topic, it was an amazing opportunity.

As a startingpoint for this object I used an experimental object I developed during my residency, a combination of a bellshape, with the backside of a speakerdriver. The experimental research object was a result of sticking different moulds together, and this particular object worked very well and resulted in a very clear and beautiful sound.

The development of this object, continued as Soundshape #1, took two years. For the development of the shape and the mould and the production of 50 Soundshapes, it took almost a year, for the development of the electronics and mechanics, to be able to play the shape, it took another year. At both institutes I received a lot of technical support and advice which resulted in a very beautifully sounding object.

Some people I would like to mention who made the development of Soundshape #1 possible:

Ranti Tjan 

Nico Thöne

Rinke Joosten

Pier-Luigi Pompei

Dick Rijken

Michele Abolaffio