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Hi, I am Daniel Maalman and I am a musician, electronic music producer, interactive media artist & sound artist from The Netherlands. Under the alias of Polymer I produce and perform electronic music in a variety of flavours, covering a wide range of styles.

This wide range of styles all have a common denominator: they all belong within the spectrum of psychedelic music. Atmospheric and dreamy ambient, psychedelic dub,  funky dub-techno, groovy electronica,  but also melodic and hypnotic progressive psychedelic techno.

To give an oversight of all the different styles of music that I make, I created this website where you can listen to the different tracks and livesets, divided into three flavours. Also it is possible to look here at the videos I made with my friends of Micromunditos Project, to get a taste of what our audiovisual live performance is like when we bring the whole circus. Also these are divided by flavour. Enjoy!

Downtempo Liveset (psychedelic dub, downtempo/midtempo, electronica)

Flavour 2: Atmospheric (dub)techno / electronica (120-130 bpm)

Flavour 3: Psychedelic progressive uptempo music (130-135 bpm)